Περιήγηση σε σημαντικές στιγμές της progressive rock σκηνής στις Εαρινές Συμφωνίες (φωτογραφίες, βίντεο)

Την τρίτη ημέρα των Εαρινών Συμφωνιών, που διοργανώνει η ΚΕΠΑ Δήμου Βέροιας και το Δημοτικό Ωδείο Βέροιας, εμφανίστηκε στην σκηνή της Στέγης η μπάντα Occam's Wounds.

Το μουσικό σχήμα Occam's Wounds παρουσίασε μια μουσική διαδρομή στις κορυφαίες στιγμές της progressive rock σκηνής του ’70, με διασκευές από μπάντες, όπως Genesis, Jethro tull, Van der graaf generator κ.α., καθώς και συνθέσεις της μπάντας.


1. "Dance on a volcano" by Genesis

2. "Budapest" by Jethro Tull

3. The undercover man" by Van Der Graaf Generator

4. The spirit carries on" by Dream Theater

5. "Me after me" by Occam's Wounds

Fainted sounds and words in silence

lay for me behind this door.

Oceans still but yet awaiting,

frozen storms the warmest thought.


Golden keys and willing saviors,

keepers of convenient hopes.

Aging dams all sang by prophets, urging me again to be.


All I ever needed was to just let it go.


Into this emptiness I trust my newborn fear.


6. "Swinging between the marginal shifts" by Occam's Wounds


It's one of these days that words are so loud and clear.

Stranded waves, search for a blind spot to appear.

Where no one can hear

this dry land's fear:

the moist of a tear,

a perfect storm in total lapse of reason,

stolen wisdom, silence and awe.


Up and away adrift on a gentle wave.

A perfect being meaningful, timeless and brave.

With nothing to crave,

no day there to save,

no master no slave.

It's all the same: vacuity and existence,

time and distance, sound self and word.


Words! Fearsome creatures in the shades.

Struggling teeth and sharpened blades.

Out of your wounds I heal my own wounded self.

Sound! Once a friend now one last drop.

The starving hunter's only hope.

Is this the deal I've bargained,

Is this just me?


7. The starving hunter" by Occam's Wounds


Two headed creature

slinking and lurking

here and there

inside my head


Swinging my will

its needs seem to be

entangled with

this other me.


If I only knew

which head to cut off

would there be

another me?


Running behind you

knife in my hand

and if I catch you

we'll be one.


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